FSMA Chicago Conference 2004!

Here are some pictures of the wonderful kids and people who went to the FSMA Conference this June.  Click one time on each picture to enlarge it-I am keeping them small so we can fit more per page!  Enjoy!

Stacey's pics!


Stacey & Lily


Stacey & Kalair


Stacey & Kalair


Amy & Lily


Liz & Kalair


  The beautiful Miss Annah and Miss Kaydence


Smiley Kaydence and Tiffany


The beautiful Miss Katelyn making sure the pony doesn't have toes ;o)


The gang...


More gang...


Still more gang...


Our very glamorous and gorgeous Miss Taleah......(love the butterfly!)


A very relaxed and beautiful Miss Kalair and mommy.


Monica's Pics!


Us, Andreas & Inga in Chicago


Taleah the Bipap Princess, and the whale.


Amy loving Lily


Beautiful Kadence


Brianna, Nolan & Taleah


Taleah, Nick, Emma & Annah


Us, Peg, Tammy, Amy & Lily.


Taleah & Sidney Craven


Taleah & Isabella



Suzanne's Pics!










Jenifer W.'s Pics


Annah & Kaydence



Annah & Brett



The Libby Lu Gang



Annah & Brianna





Double Trouble--Jensen & Annah


Annah & Marquez kids


Annah in her standing Dani.


Jen B's Pictures



Jerika & Annah



Aunt Peg



Brianna's Family



Jerika & the Clown


Erinne & Jerika


Lovely Annah


Megan & Jerika


Monica, Grandma & Colin




Stacey & Jerika


Standing Dani



Brandi's Pictures










Jensen & Annah


Jensen giving Jensen a drink.


Leaving Broke!


The girls' Tea Party!


Harpist at the Tea





Lora's Pictures


Ryan & Erinne playing video games



Josh & Ryan



Ryan fishing at the carnival



Hotel Lobby


Ryan & Bernie


Cool Bumper!


Ryan & Grandpa Swimming


Ryan on the plane ride home


Amy's Pictures

















Beth's Pictures





Kaydence & Emma










Beth, Emma & Lily


Monica, Taleah, Emma & Lily


Nick and the clown




Renee's Pictures

Monica, Colin & Joanne


Joanne & Liz


Sami & Renee swimming


Monica, Taleah, Amy, Lily, Sami, Renee in the pool


The gang in the pool


Sami & Renee


More swimming


Amy & Lily



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