FSMA Washington DC Conference 2003!

Here are some pictures of the wonderful kids and people who went to the FSMA Conference this June.  Click one time on each picture to enlarge it-I am keeping them small so we can fit more per page!  Enjoy!

Stacey's pics!


Annah & Mia


Annah & Mia


Aschdon & Makayla



Annmei & Mia






Nikolas Lockwood & Mia






MJ, Kenya, Aschdon, Makayla


MJ, Kenya, Aschdon, Makayla


Sallie's pics!


Bach Workshop


Ethan with Mia in the background


You can see how cramped it was in there.


Right after Bach workshop


MJ and the Swansons


MJ, Dana Swanson, and our Annah!


MJ, Kalair & Skylar S.


People arriving for the Type 1 talk-it-out


The twins at the Type 1 talk-it-out.


Beautiful Sami at the Type 1 talk-it-out


Liz getting her hands on Nick L. at the talk-it-out


Brenda giving Sami a gift from MJ


The Burnett's talking to a new family at the talk-it-out.


Dr. Swoboda at the talk-it-out.


Type 1 Talk-it-out moderated by Dr. Swoboda


More talk-it-out


and more...


Aren't they all so cute?


MJ on the 'it's a wonderful life' panel.


MJ and Rocco


Miss Kalair all dressed up and ready for more.


Miss Lily


Kalair and Miss Lily


Kalair and her special friend Regina


Another Regina and Kalair


Liz and Kalair


Kalair on her way to the Smithsonian


On the go!




Some of my day lilies. :)

Kalair trying the Nasalaire prongs for the first time


Luke McAdams


Kim, Amy, Tracy & Liz


Miss Emma Lockwood


A Motley Crew


Kalair's visit with Mr.Cole


Brenda/MJ's pics!


Annah & Lily


MJ, Aschdon & Makayla


Callie & MJ


Christian & MJ


Emma & MJ


Kevin & Nick


Lily & Mia


Madison Burger & MJ


Malik & MJ


Monica, Taleah & MJ


Peg & MJ


Princess Lily


Rocco & MJ


Stacey, Mia & MJ


Tim, Lynne & Shaun


Monica's Pictures


Taleah & Kalair



A Bunch of Us!



Party at the Burnett's!


In front of the Capitol Building


In front of the Supreme Court



Taleah & Mommy in front of the White House



Taleah & Lily in front of the Washington Monument



Tia, Lily, Skylar and the moms in front of the Vietnam War Memorial



Taleah, Monica & MJ



Taleah and the Lockwoods


Darling Emma


Kenya's Pictures

Aschdon and Makayla at the banquet


Aschdon and Makayla at the banquet


Aschdon and Makayla at the banquet


Makayla had just hit Aschdon on the cheek during the play punching match. They had so much fun


Mia and Aschdon


Aschdon at the play dough table sitting by Sean


Aschdon and his favorite play volunteer


Aschdon and daddy in hotel room


Boys will be boys!!


Daddy and Aschdon posing in the rain


Stacey, Mia, Aschdon and Kenya




Jennifer Bolen's Pictures


Jerika, MJ & Tim Purk




Jerika and Brianna


Amy & Lily

Jerika and the McAdam's family


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