Funding Policies For SMA Support Gatherings

SMA Support's funding policies are designed so that we will be able to offer as much as we can to as many people as we can.  The funds available from SMA Support for scholarships to SMA events come from a fundraiser held specifically for that purpose, with the full knowledge of exactly how important and beneficial it is for families to be able to connect in person.

When the funds become available, I send out a notice to the chats and the SMA Support 'guestbook' with a copy of the form to be filled out by those interested in applying. The funds will be dispersed on a first-come, first-serve basis. After a three-day time period, there will be no more applications accepted so that we can promptly notify each person applying of what is available to them, and if they will be able to attend, checks will be sent out approximately two weeks before the event. When the funds have all been utilized, that is all that is available for that event.

The 2005 funding will cover hotel expenses for one room per SMA child per night of the actual gathering, plus a small amount to help cover travel expenses. There will be a uniform cap on funding available to everyone, based off of the hotel prices at the location of the conference, the amount we have available to donate, and the total amount requested by families. Any amount requested under the cap will be available in full; any amount requested over the cap will only be available up to the cap, until the limited funds are gone. We will let each family that applied know what is available to them very quickly so they can best plan for their trip. We hope that having hotel and most of driving travel costs covered will make it possible for most people to be able to attend the gathering, while the cap will allow us to be able to provide funding for a greater number of families.

I already look forward to this year's event, and I know you do as well! Only a short time to go! :) If anyone has any questions on these funding policies, please feel free to email me!

Thank you,
Laura Stants and the SMA Support team



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