That their light may always shine...

Thank you for joining us at 8:00 p.m. on August 12, 2006, for the Third Annual Nationwide SMA Candle Lighting Event.  August is SMA Awareness month, and as such, we choose to use the 2nd Saturday in August every year as a time to reflect on those lost, as well as to honor those living daily with SMA.  As this event continues to grow, we hope to bring awareness to the public about the disorder as well as unity to the families living with it, as we all join to spread the light of our candles around the world.  We hope you will join us next year for the 4thd Annual Nationwide SMA Candle Lighting. 

Spread the light-and the word.



"We light this candle in honor of all the SMA angels and for those waiting the cure."  Abraham Silva, SMA type 2



Murphy Potter in honor of her brothers...



John, Kim, Charlie & Lily Sykora



Kaylee Stants lights a candle in honor of her brothers



Zeke and Morgan Saville with the angel candle, while Clayton remembers behind the lens...



I spread the word around the Syracuse area and my family. This is a very special time for us. There is power in prayer!  Billy Spiegel's grama-Pamela Pickard.

God's Candle--8/12/06 at Oswego Shores, by Pamela Pickard



Here is a picture of Frank and Beth Pruitt, with lit candles in honor of and in memory of all those affected by SMA.



The candles lit by Malorie Fox and family...



Angel Christina Slack with her candle lit...

"In memory of Nathan and in honor of Lily....and the countless others who have touched our hearts and our lives."  Nathan, Lily & Amy Barnett



We're praying always for all of Chloe's friends who join her in the fight against SMA and hopes for a cure in the near future.  The Ochoa Family, Chloe age 2 3/4 Type III.



Liam & Kaitlyn Harapchuk



Veronica St. Onge lights a candle for all the SMA angels on heaven and earth.
Veronica's friends Joey (5) and Jami (2) help to honor SMA families around the world.



Hannah Perkins with her candle...



Andrea & James Smith light their candle and honor those here and passed...



Little Colin McBride says "Love you children! Night, Night".
A friend of the Smith family.



David (SMA 2) age two and sister Karen (SMA-free) age 4 with a candle

Quilt square from the "SMA Angel Awareness Quilt" in honor of David.




Madison Reed and family light candles and release balloons in honor of Cassie Swanson and so many angels...





Kyle, sma type 1, lighting his candle for all the brave sma children around the world and for those who have passed into the perfect world. Also, in late memory of our wonderful Princess Grace Coggin.



Love, the Boguhn family:  Kali, Jenna, Mary & Mya



Victor Alvarez lights his candle



Some of the neighborhood kids joined Samuel in the candlelighting...Terri Sawyer & Family/Friends



Ethan Takacs (SMA 1) with his candle



Our Candles for the Angels.  By MJ Purk & Brenda Hanson



Remembering Timothy Weber 4/22/01-1/18/06 and all sma angels in heaven and on earth.



Skylar Saranchuk (SMA 1) and her candle.







We had about 30 people who attended - we did a balloon release (with a tag with a name of an sma child attached)  and sang Happy Birthday to Austin C who is from here who passed away last October.  We had two tables with pictures of some of the children who passed way with a LED candle in front of it then a real (wax) rose candle in front of that - everyone had a candle and lit their light from one of the candles in front of an SMA child.  We announced each child's name, then had a moment of silent prayer for them and all the earth angels.  Next year we will have this at the new Miracle accessible playground!  Michelle Worrellia, Annette, Carl, Kenny & Madison Reed


Miss Sophia...


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