That their light may always shine...

Thank you for joining us at 8:00 p.m. on August 7, 2004, for the first Annual Nationwide SMA Candle Lighting Event.  August is SMA Awareness month, and as such, we choose to use the 2nd Saturday in August every year as a time to reflect on those lost, as well as to honor those living daily with SMA.  As this event continues to grow, we hope to bring awareness to the public about the disorder as well as unity to the families living with it, as we all join to spread the light of our candles around the world.  We hope you will join us next year, on August 13, 2005, for the 2nd Annual Nationwide SMA Candle Lighting. 

Spread the light-and the word.

(Kaylee Stants in honor of Taleah English)


Karen Slavik and family light their candles on St. Pete Beach in Florida in honor of their two angels Eric and Jessica.



Steven, Andrea & James Smith bring SMA Awareness to their neighborhood.



Amy and Lily Barnett light candles in honor of Lily, her big brother Nathan, the angels in heaven, those on earth, and those yet to come.



Annah and Jeni Woody light candles in North Carolina.



Chuck & Jemma Park light candles in honor of their angel Charlie, and each angel they know.  As they lit the candles, they said "Angel (child's name), you are the light of our hearts who lift our darkness and brighten our minds."



Doddie Slack and family bring awareness to their  neighborhood in honor and memory of their daughter, Christina.



Cole Webb holds his candle in honor of his SMA friends across the world.



Candles lit in honor of Kaelan & Karlie Henry as well as all our other SMA with us and in God's care.



Connor Reilly and his brothers Tim & Owen light their candle for SMA



Jennifer lights a candle by her home in honor of her daughter Brittany Leigh Griffin:  12/15/97 to 11/30/98, SMA 1.



Stacy, Morgan (SMA 2, 21 mo.) & Clayton (SMA-free, almost 3) Saville light their candle in memory and honor of all SMA children...



Steve, Laura & Kaylee Stants light their candles in honor of Devon & Sidney Stants, as well as all the other angels past, present & future.  Kaylee insisted her friends, the care bears, participate as well, because they like to help people too.



Hali, Liam & Kaitlyn Haarapchuk light their candle in Canada.



The candles burn in the O'Neill house as Casey and Colin look on.




Brandon Muszkiewicz lights his candle in honor of Taleah English, while his sister Lindsey (SMA 2) lights hers in honor of Marshall Potter.




Carl, Annette, Kenny, Madison Reed, Michelle Worrellia, Dr. Burghes, Esther Chipps, and many, many others gather in Ohio in honor of SMA Awareness Day.



Gladys, Gavin, Luke & Megan Simpson light candles in honour of Angel Hannah and all the other SMA Angels. August 8, 8am Malaysian time in Taman Midah, Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia



Erica and Lauren Gerarghaty light their candle.



This is an image of just one of at least 20 candles in our garden that we lit at 8:00PM PDT. A gathering of friends came together to honor all the SMA Angels.  BL Meyer, Jamie Gifford, Cyndi Moody