Thank-you book to Dr. Bach

Below is a scanned-in copy of the Thank-You book that Sallie C. sent to Dr. Bach on behalf of the below parents/people.  If you want to see the full size of the page, click on it one time.  The images are large, 1000 x 1000 pixels each.  I wish I could make it so you could read them all without having to click on them, but that would take forever for this page to load with all those images!  As it is, be patient while the page loads.  ;)

The quality of the scans is not as great as I like to do-but I had no choice due to the huge size and quantity of pages.  So many of the backgrounds you see as "white" were actually a nice pink.  But you can at least get the idea!

Pass your mouse over the pictures to be told who the page is!

Thank You, Dr. Bach! Dedication Statement Kalair
Cassidy & Skylar Cassidy & Skylar Hannah
Kalair Kalair Madison
Skylar S. Kalair Kalair
Mary & Krista Taleah Magnus
Lily Skyler M. The Reilly Boys
Casey & Colin Casey & Colin Ashley
Ethan Samantha Billy
Gilly Kaelan Jensen
Brett Aschdon Oliver
Shawn MJ Annah
Matthew Jarred Christian
Jessica Bradley Bradley
Alejandra Steven Sierra


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