The Angel Times

To subscribe to The Angel Times, please e-mail Laura! (An on-line form will be available soon.)

SMA Support is starting up a small newsletter called "The Angel Times" to be mailed directly to your homes quarterly for those interested in receiving it!

It is not trying to compete with any other newsletter, it is not big and fancy.   It WILL be about families and children dealing with SMA in all respects.  Children here and gone; children using Palliative care, NIV care, or Trach care; adults living with SMA in various ways and types; families living without their loved ones, sibling issues...anything.  The first edition is scheduled to "hit the stands" in April, and will have several interesting articles on all sorts of topics, some written by people you know and love, some by outside experts/guests.  We will be including a quarterly calendar of Birthdays, Anniversaries, Angel Days, etc. in each edition, a focus highlighting any special fundraising efforts going on for the quarter, pictures, any special events going on, any special opportunities, deals on supplies or equipment, introducing new programs, and so on.

Because we feel that SMA Support's current funds are best used to serve the purpose intended--purchasing supplies, equipment, reimbursing shipping for such things, purchasing services needed for children dealing with SMA, etc., no SMA Support funds will go towards the printing or mailing of The Angel Times.  I will be personally covering those costs at this time.  So to help offset the expenses, we are asking for a donation of $5 per year from anyone who would like to receive the newsletter.  That comes out to $1.25 per issue!  It won't cover all the costs, but it will help!  We will send out a note at the beginning of each year to subscribers to verify their continued interest and current address.

If anyone has any questions, suggestions or comments on the newsletter, or would like to submit a birthday, angel day, picture, poem, article, or anything else for the newsletter,  or to subscribe now, please let me know!


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