04/04/04 SMA Across America

THANK YOU for all the hard work, for everyone who participated in 04-04-04!  We sold hundreds of t-shirts (and they are still available for sale today, there is no date on them, so you can continue to sell/buy them for SMA Awareness!)  We had several fundraisers across the US, some big, some small, but all important!  Pictures coming soon!

A big thank you to Karen Reilly for coordinating this!  It certainly wouldn't have happened without her!

Another thank you to Andrea Smith for designing the cards that went out for the event as well, front and back pictured here:

Also thank you to Michelle Worellia for coming up with the design for the t-shirts!  Below are pictures of various people wearing the SMA Across America shirts!


On 04-04-04, we were proud to be part of an SMA Across America day!  What started as a fundraiser for SMA Support has grown into an event comprised of most of the SMA Organizations out there united in one common goal, awareness of the disease that affects us all.   04-04-04 was a day of fundraising, awareness, and fun!

Each person who did a fundraiser on 04-04-04 chose the SMA Organization they would like to have benefit from the day.  SMA Support, FightSMA/Andrew's Buddies, The SMA Foundation, Miracle for Madison & Friends, Payton's Pals, and Ryan's Hope Foundation all participated in events on 04-04-04! We had the assistance of a lobbyist organization getting media and congress attention for each event planned!

We were thrilled to help us spread the word about the disease, and unite most of the existing SMA organizations into one loud voice!  We made 04-04-04 a day to remember in the world of Spinal Muscular Atrophy!


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